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We offer IVA solutions from £750 if you wish to import any vehicle

When importing a car into the UK, it must undergo an IVA (individual vehicle approval) test, this is a legal requirement from the DVLA to ensure the car complies completely with UK regulation and vehicle laws.

All cars manufactured within the preceding 10 years are required to have the IVA test Certificate submitted alongside the application to the DVLA when first registering the car within the UK.

All of our cars have had an IVA test and are fully registered in the UK before being sold.

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What is likely to need to be addressed in the IVA?

Fog lights and Headlights

A rear red fog light will likely need to be installed to meet UK regulations and headlights may also need modifications to meet such guidelines.


This mainly only applies to modified imports, but the car will need to pass UK and EU emission regulations. Most imported cars will be fine in this regard.


Japanese speedometers measure in km, these will need to be modified to read in miles per hour and to ensure the upmost accuracy too.

General Construction

Again this mainly applies to modified cars but the general quality of construction will need to be high enough to pass the IVA test.

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